Bai Liu (刘柏)   [CV]   [LinkedIn]  

I am currently a senior undergraduate student in Department of Automation, School of Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.

Since Fall 2015, I have been working at Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, advised by Prof. Longbo Huang. In 2015, I worked in Institute of System Engineering, advised by Prof. Jianming Hu. In Spring 2016, I visited Imperial College London and worked at Centre for Transport Studies, advised by Prof. Ke Han. In Summer 2016, I was fortunate enough to be selected into Stanford UGVR program and worked as a research assistant in Information Systems Laboratory, advised by Prof. Ayfer Özgür.

My research interests lie in network optimization, information theory and intelligent transportation.

News: I will join MIT LIDS for graduate study and research in 2017 fall!


Tsinghua University

Aug. 2013 - Jul. 2017 (Expected)
Department of Automation
Bachelor of Engineering
GPA: 93 / 100   Ranking: 1st / 118

Stanford University

Jun. 2016 - Sept. 2016
Information Systems Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate Visiting Researcher (UGVR) Program

Imperial College London

Jan. 2016 - Mar. 2016
Centre for Transport Studies
Research Assistant



  • Bai Liu, Jianming Hu, Pan Gao, and Xudong Xie. Dynamic Traffic Guidance Generating Method on Variable Message Sign in Small and Medium-Sized Cities. 14th ITS Asia Pacific Forum. Full version accepted. Invited to do oral presentation.
  • Bai Liu, Ke Han, and Jianming Hu. Global Optimization Framework for Real-time Route Guidance via Variable Message Sign. Submitted to Transportmetrica A. Currently under review.   [arXiv]
  • Bai Liu, Xiugang Wu, and Ayfer Özgür. Efficiently Reaching the Largest Wireless Capacity with the Fewest Relays. In preparation for submission.   [Poster]


  • Jianming Hu, Xin Pei, Bai Liu, et al. An Information Distribution Method of Variable Message Sign Based on Prediction Method. Chinese Invention Patent. Publication Number: CN105303856A. Publication Date: 2016.02.03.

Software Copyright

  • Intelligent Networking Transportation Guidance System Platform [INGSP] V1.0. Computer Software Copyright. Registration Number: 2016SR252223. Date: 2016.06.01.

Selected Research Projects

Subnetwork Selection of Gaussian Relay Network   [Poster]

Bai Liu, Xiugang Wu, Ayfer Özgür

In wireless communication, some relays can be turned off while the optimal capacity still holds. We can apply traversing search approach to find the trimmed network, but its time cost might be unbearable. To solve the problem, we thoroughly study and rigorously prove properties of layered Gaussian relay network. We then develop and implement an algorithm that can find optimal global subnetwork exponentially faster.

Dynamic Transportation Network Modeling   [arXiv]

Bai Liu, Ke Han

Aiming at improving VMS (variable message sign) display strategy, we formulate transportation network model with feedback scheme. We then design optimization algorithm with linear decision rule and heuristic optimization approach. A simulation case study is conducted on a real-world test network in China, which shows the advantage of the proposed adaptive VMS display strategy.




  • Fang Chongzhi Scholarship   2016 & 2015
    Highest honor for students in the Department of Automation, only one student is selected annually (won for two times)
  • China National Scholarship   2014
    Highest level of scholarship set by the government of China
  • Qualcomm Scholarship   2016
    Awarded to students with excellent scientific potential, only 50 students among all undergraduates in Tsinghua University are selected
  • Cai Xiong Scholarship   2016
    Awarded to students with excellent scientific potential, only 10 students among all undergraduates in Tsinghua University are selected
  • Tang Lixin Scholarship   2016
    Awarded to students with outstanding academic and scientific performance, only 27 students among all undergraduates in Tsinghua University are selected


  • 2nd Prize of 33rd Challenge Cup   2014
    Top scientific research contest in Tsinghua University
  • 2nd Prize of 9th Intelligent Transportation Contest   2014
    Top contest of intelligent transportation in Tsinghua University
  • 1st Prize in the National Mathematical Olympiad   2012
  • 2nd Prize in the National Physics Olympiad   2012


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      LaTeX   Git   SQL   Oracle